2018 Jilàsi for Youth Regatta

Last year’s Jilàsi for Youth Regatta was  a resounding success!

Our regatta was in honour of our 20th Anniversary, the 5,000 youth we have engaged during that time, and the gift of Jilàsi, a beautifully restored Rhodes Offshore 40 that was recently donated, with great generosity, to Broad Reach by Ms. Marlys Edwardh, C.M. and Dr. Graham Turrall.


All sail boats and crew were invited to participate in fun and excitement and twelve have sailed – not bad for our first one!

On Shore Activities

After the race there was food and beverage, music with DJ, Jeff Chalmers,  silent auction, pictures, ice cream and Awards.


Two trophies were presented:

  • The Hans Marius Fogh Memorial Trophy was awarded to Mischief, skipped by Uri Sacks and crewed among others by the young and nimble Michelle who went up the mast to retrieve a lose halyard. Congratulations!
  • The Broad Reach Foundation Jilàsi for Youth Trophy was awarded by Marlys Edwrdh C. M. and Dr. Graham Turrall to the beautiful boat and crew of Catchacoma II skipped by John Lever and crewed by several Lever family members. An amazing family and most generous team. Thank you and congratulations!

Fourteen crews registered, 13 raced. All are winners because of what they have raced for: to help kids.

Still, official results came in and here they are:

  1.  Mischief (start 13:24; finish 15:04.22; elapsed time: 2:04.22)
  2. Star Chaser (start 13:23; finish 15:35.56; elapsed time 2:35.56)
  3. Blurrr (start 13:21; finish 15:37.45; elapsed time 2:37.45)
  4. Enigma (start 13:09.30; finish 15:40.13; elapsed time 2:40.13)
  5. Marilea (start 13:02.30; finish 15:44.54; elapsed time 2:44.54)
  6. Marabelle (start 13:07; finish 15:57.48; elapsed time 2:57.48)
  7. Catchacoma II (start 13:16; finish 16:03.46; elapsed time 3:08.48)
  8. Maxxxx (start 13:16; finish 16:08.46; elapsed time 3:11.46)
  9. Chicane RET
  10. Liberté RET
  11. Corinolan DNF
  12. Jilàsi DNF
  13. Scalliwag DNF
  14. Waterford II DNC (crew from that boat raced on Catchacoma II)



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