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OUR MISSION:  To champion youth, knowledge, skills, access and inclusion through the sport, science and experience of sailing

sailing blissFounded in 1998, Broad Reach Foundation for Youth Leaders is a registered charity built on partnerships with youth-serving agencies in the Toronto community. Promoting accessibility and inclusion, we believe that economics should never be a barrier to participation.  Offering the only free program for at-risk youth that combines building life skills, job training and sailing in a unique setting aboard one of our 35′-40’ sailboats.  Through on-shore and on-water programs, youth aged 12-24, use sailing as a learning medium to develop curiosity, courage, confidence and caring.

A unique community concept, Broad Reach Foundation has introduced experiential education through sailing to over 4,000 young people with economic, social and physical barriers.  Being able to offer our unique programs to youth throughout the Greater Toronto Area is made possible through the generous financial grants and donations from sponsoring organizations, individuals, and the support of the sailing community.  Building on the spirit of community we are grateful for our dedicated team of volunteers who give generously of their money, time and expertise to assist our staff in delivering our programs.

Each year we hope to welcome even more youth and provide them with the basis to become leaders in their communities and share the excitement of sailing with others.   We’re also thrilled when some decide to play an active role in our Broad Reach community by becoming peer mentors.

We are able to offer a number of different sailing experiences, please visit our REGISTRATION page for details of what is available.

To see photos of our fleet. Jilasi, Orca, Gaoh. Shillelagh, Bonnie Lass and Diogenes.

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Broad Reach Foundation for Youth Leaders
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