The Broad Reach day-to-day activities are managed by our Executive Director and the on-water programming is overseen by Chief Program Director, William Turner. As Manager of Project Coastline, Zeena Zaioyuna is a force to behold and we are fortunate that she is working with youth in 3 provinces discovering Canadian marine heritage, the 202080 km of our coastline and building 2 canoes to honour those who were here First. Together with our active and dedicated team of volunteers and supported by our Board, we are able to provide our exciting programs at NO COST to the participants.

Executive DirectorMarguerite Pyron

With a wealth of experience, she is excited to be working with Broad Reach Foundation to help us expand our programs.

To reach Marguerite: [email protected], or 416 -850-5755


Good staff is hard to find 🙂

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