Build a Ship with COVE! (February 16, 11:30 am EST)


Wednesday, February 16th


Wednesday, February 16th


11:30 am
Home Activities Grades 4-7 Build a Ship with COVE! (February 16, 11:30 am EST)

Become an engineer for the day! Build a ship and see if it floats!

The Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) has developed an exciting ocean STEM activity that can be done from the comfort of your own home! Connect with Ships2Shores as we take you through COVE’s lesson to build your own ship!

Materials required:

  • scissors
  • glue guns OR masking tape OR duct tape
  • recycled materials (e.g. cereal boxes, cardboard, yogurt containers, pastry containers)
  • a bucket of water if students want to test ships in class. However, they can always test them at home!






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  • Rachelle Deutsch
    Rachelle Deutsch
    co-chair Ships2Shores Skippers Council

    Rachelle Deutsch is a co-chair of the National Skippers Council for the Ships2Shores project. She has been involved with the project since August 2020, and is also the lead for both the Short Films and Landmark Showcase teams.
    Rachelle is credited with creating a Ships2Shores video series for which she has interviewed diverse professionals across the marine industry. She hopes that by watching these videos youth will be inspired, feel more connected to various professionals across Canada, and potentially consider a career in the marine industry, something they might not have done prior to watching the videos. Along with her fellow Skippers, Rachelle has delivered presentations and represented Ships2Shores in various forums, including the Sail Training International Youth Council Conference in February 2021!
    In September 2021, Rachelle was aboard Providence 1903 with some of the Sailing Access Fund Recipients from Ships2Shores. Having proven her dependability, and made meaningful connections, she is now on the crew roster for Providence 1903’s summer 2022. Rachelle credits Ships2Shores for her incredible experiences and ability to develop her leadership, teamwork, project management, interviewing and video editing skills!

    Rachelle also runs her own business, Port of Conversation, teaching English as an Additional Language online. In addition, she volunteers with the Prince George Tapestry Singers, helping out at rehearsals and managing their social media. She also created and designed their website.