The Canadian Coast Guard team & Shanty Singer Seán Dagher (December 8)


Wednesday, December 8th


Wednesday, December 8th


1:00 pm - 2:10 pm

Ships2Shores and the Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE) are excited to announce a new series: Full STEAM Ahead. Full STEAM Ahead gives Grade 6-9 students the opportunity to ‘go to work with’ some of the coolest marine professionals working in Canada, while also engaging in arts & culture activities. The result is an all-round STEAM experience!

In the first half of each session, professionals will give students a tour of their workplace, cover the day-to-day aspects, explain what led them to their profession, and debunk common misconceptions about the marine sector. In the second half, we will invite Canadian musicians, artists, and storytellers from various backgrounds to engage youth in creative activities, intended to increase cross-cultural awareness and awareness of Canada’s maritime history.

For our fifth session, members of the Coast Guard’s Workforce Development Recruitment and Retention team, Dominique Debrosse and Josie Sandham, will share insights into the Coast Guard’s important work on land and on sea, across Central Canada. Participants will also learn about exciting job opportunities with the Coast Guard. For the second session, multitalented shanty singer Seán Dagher will engage with students while sharing his art.


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  • Dominique Debrosse
    Dominique Debrosse
    Agent de recrutement et de rétention

    Dominique Debrosse, diplômé en science politique de l’Université de Montréal, s’est joint à l’équipe de la Garde côtière canadienne étant qu’agent, Perfectionnement des effectifs, Recrutement et rétention aux Services de gestion intégrée des affaires, en février 2021. Ayant plus de 10 ans d’expériences dans les relations publiques, Affaires gouvernementales et en gestion d’événements de différentes envergures, il a choisi de faire une réorientation de carrière au sein de la Garde côtière canadienne.

  • Josie Sandham
    Josie Sandham
    Recruitment Officer

    Josie Sandham, a graduate in Business Commerce from Nipissing University, joined the Canadian Coast Guard in January 2021. She started her career with Coast guard in Workforce Development and has now transitioned into the Recruitment and Retention team.

The Canadian Coast Guard team & Shanty Singer Seán Dagher (December 8)


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