Captain Christopher Hearn & CarolAnne Black (November 10)


Wednesday, November 10th


Wednesday, November 10th


1:00 pm - 2:10 pm
Home Activities Grades 6 - 9 Captain Christopher Hearn & CarolAnne Black (November 10)

This event takes place from 1pm-2:10pm EDT. It will be recorded.

Ships2Shores and the Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE) are excited to announce a new series: Full STEAM Ahead. Full STEAM Ahead gives Grade 6-9 students the opportunity to ‘go to work with’ some of the coolest marine professionals working in Canada, while also engaging in arts & culture activities. The result is an all-round STEAM experience!

In the first half of each session, professionals will give students a tour of their workplace, cover the day-to-day aspects, explain what led them to their profession, and debunk common misconceptions about the marine sector. In the second half, we will invite Canadian musicians, artists, and storytellers from various backgrounds to engage youth in creative activities, intended to increase cross-cultural awareness and awareness of Canada’s maritime history.

For our third session, we will welcome Captain Christopher Hearn, Director of the Center for Marine Simulation at Memorial University and Science Writer/Oceanographer CarolAnne Black.





  • Captain Christopher Hearn
    Director, Centre for Marine Simulation, Marine Institute of Memorial University

    Captain Christopher Hearn began his career after graduating from the Marine Institute’s Nautical Science Program in 1994. He quickly moved his way through the marine ranks and certification to Master Mariner and obtained command of several types of vessels in the deep sea and subsea sectors.

    First coming ashore as a Marine Superintendent with shipping companies engaged in subsea cable laying and repair, seismic work, and general cargo operations, he was involved supporting at sea operations and managing relationships with flag state authorities, class, insurers and clients. Additional activities including working with Human Resources identifying training needs and methods for improving competency among crews.

    Captain Hearn returned to the Marine Institute in 2008 as the Director of the Centre for Marine Simulation. The Centre is the largest and most comprehensive marine simulation facility in North America and covers an entire range of training, industrial assistance, and research and development capabilities through the use of simulation technology. CMS’s particular areas of expertise include the modeling and simulation of harsh maritime environments, human performance in moving environments, simulation of offshore oil and gas operations, and port design evaluation and maritime operational risk analysis.

  • CarolAnne Black
    CarolAnne Black
    Principal Consultant, Consulting Science Writers

    CarolAnne Black writes about everything to do with the ocean. She especially loves research and writing projects that help empower girls and women to do – and lead in – ocean science. In her work, CarolAnne gets to talk with ocean experts from around the world and write about the cool work they’re doing to understand and protect our global ocean. She likes to swim with her three young kids in the Ottawa River by their home and talk about how the river water makes its way to the ocean.