Oceans, Sustainable Development, and Sailing


Friday, November 13th


Friday, November 13th


3:00 pm
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No sailing experience is complete without a deep awareness of our role in conserving and protecting our oceans, rivers, and lakes. Alexandra Aguilar del Valle will take you through the initiatives that make sailing a contributor to achieving sustainable development. If you’re a sailor, sailing alumni, or a student in marine or environmental studies, this is an excellent opportunity to think critically about the innovative ways that we can care for our marine environment!




  • Alexandra Aguilar del Valle
    Alexandra Aguilar del Valle
    Founder and Consultant, Green Nautical Miles

    Alexandra is passionate about ocean protection and sustainable growth. Her professional experience in global trade has been oriented to integrate sustainability into daily business and strategic decision making.

    With studies in Maritime law and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, she focuses her efforts on transforming how we have traditionally seen the maritime industry through Green Nautical Miles, an initiative that promotes low carbon strategies, conservation, and women’s participation in the maritime industry.