Virtual Biology Lab Field Trip (December 6, 2021)


Monday, December 6th


Monday, December 6th


11:00 am - 11:45 am
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Bio Lab: Invertebrate ecology, feeding adaptations, classification, herring dissection and body systems of bony fishes.

Grad students Mary Clinton & Sara Jobson, from Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Ocean Sciences Program will share information about invertebrate ecology, morphology and feeding adaptations using live specimens such as sea stars, urchins, crabs, and sea cucumbers. Your students will be introduced to classification systems and how to identify the species/taxa by using a dichotomous key. Mary & Sara will do a live herring dissection using the appropriate tools and share each step on camera while interacting with students as they learn about the circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems of bony fishes.

This module connects to some aspects of Newfoundland’s curriculum requirements for Bio 2201 & Science 1206 .

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Virtual Event


  • Mary Clinton
    Mary Clinton
    Grad Student, Memorial University of Newfoundland

    Mary Clinton (she/her) is from Vancouver, BC and moved to St. John’s, NL in 2019 to pursue an MSc in Marine Biology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She studies the critters that live in marine sediments and how they affect nutrient cycling in the ocean! Her work involves a mix of field work, laboratory experiments, and simulation modeling using Python. Mary is passionate about ocean literacy and loves sharing her enthusiasm for marine life with groups of all ages!

  • Sara Jobson
    Sara Jobson
    Grad Student, Memorial University of Newfoundland

    Sara Jobson (she/her) is a second-year master’s student in Marine Biology, currently studying the immune system of sea cucumbers, sea urchins and sea stars! Sara moved to St. John’s from Southern Alberta and splits her love of the outdoors between the Rocky Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. Through this degree, she has gotten the opportunity to work with a wide variety of animals from feather stars to harp seals! Sara is passionate about providing accessible and interactive education, especially to rural student groups!