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The Ship’s Blog is always on the lookout for new writers and content creators. Do you have a story or sailing experience you’d like to share? A research paper you wrote? We publish a broad array of topics related to sailing, the marine industry, ocean conservation, coastal communities, and music. We want to hear from you! Hit “Share” and we’ll let you know when it’s posted (usually within a day or two).

Bridget Cai

Long Beach, Tofino

The oven, otherwise known as summer, roasted me to a near crisp. It was an especially hot one that day. Blazing sunlight showered around my

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Violet Cai

Microplastics in Our Waterways

Microplastics are currently a highly contentious environmental topic among Canadian environmentalists, who are in the midst of assessing potential risks associated with this most prevalent

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The Canadian Nautical Playlist
Amélie Marchand

Marine Marchande

a man tries to escape his relationship by getting enrolled in the merchant navy. He is then afflicted by seasickness, the fear of pirates and realizes maybe his relationship wasn’t so bad after all

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The Canadian Nautical Playlist
Amélie Marchand

Molly May

If I had listened to that song before I was involved in the maritime industry, I probably would have listened to it with one ear and thought

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Working on Boats
Nick Tabone

The Customers

‘Sir Bear teach me.  I am a customer of death coming and would give you a pot of honey and my house on the Western hills

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