Ships2Shores Webinar Participant Code of Conduct

Ships2Shores aims to create a safe & supportive environment for all participants to learn, connect and have fun! To do this, we have a few rules to ensure everyone has a good time engaging with Ships2Shores! 


By confirming you have read our Code of Conduct, you agree to abide by its rules. You 

understand that any violation of these terms can and may result in one, or any combination of the following: (1) being issued a formal warning, (2) being removed from the Ships2Shores activity, and (3) being banned from future Ships2Shores activities. 


Ships2Shores’ virtual webinars are delivered through Google Meet, with a link that is only available once you have registered for an activity through Please do not disperse the link to unregistered individuals, unless you are registering your class. 


Creating a Respectful Space

Ships2Shores will not tolerate any abusive or discriminatory behaviour. Respecting the instructor and your peers during a virtual webinar is essential. Give your full attention as you would if you were physically together.

  1. No inappropriate language or profanity;
  2. Wear appropriate clothing, and no nudity;
  3. Be aware of your camera and microphone at all times; 
  4. Do not tamper with the microphone or camera of others; 
  5. The chat function is used to discuss the presentation and answer questions. Refrain from side conversations or posting inappropriate messages or jokes.