This knot can be used to attach a line to a post or railing.

Watch our video on how to tie a Clove Hitch here: Clove Hitch

*** You are going to require a vertical post to follow along and tie this knot. A table or chair leg will work just fine! ***

STEP 1 : Make one full turn with your line around the table leg. Notice how the line on the left side in this photo is laying on top of the other where the two lines join back up.

IMG 1515

STEP 2 : Make a second full wrap with the line around the table leg. This time, make the full wrap underneath the first, using the line on the left hand side. Again the loose end of the line should be laying on top in the loop.

IMG 1517

STEP 3 : Grab each of the loose ends, one in either hand. Pull both at the same time in a horizontal direction. The knot will become snug. 

IMG 1519

STEP 4 : You will notice each end of the line will come out in opposite directions, on either side of the knot. In the middle, you will see that the loops you have created are being held snug by a diagonal line, forming an X shape. If your knot looks like this, rest assured you have tied the Clove Hitch correctly!

IMG 1520