Figure 8 Knot/ Le Noeud en Huit

This knot can be used as a general stopper knot. For example you may use it to keep a line from running freely out of a block

Watch our video on how to tie the Figure 8 knot here : Figure 8


STEP 1 : Take your line and bend it back on itself, creating a “U” shape.

IMG 1487

STEP 2 : Place the bottom of the “U” on top of the longer end of the line. This will create a loop.

IMG 1488

STEP 3 : Once you have gone over with the shorter end of your line, now it is time to go back under. Make sure that when you are going back under, you are traveling in the direction away from the loop you originally created.

IMG 1489

STEP 4 : Take the short end of your line and feed it up through the loop you created. You will want to make sure that the line is going in the loop from above, thus coming out from underneath your loop.

IMG 1490

STEP 5 : Grab both ends of your line in each hand. Pull them away from each other in a horizontal direction. This will snug up the knot and you have just tied a figure 8 knot!

IMG 1491 1