Sheet Bend / Noeud d’écoute

This knot can be used to join two lines of unequal diameter.

Watch our video on how to tie a Sheet Bend here: Sheet Bend


STEP 1 : Take the larger line and create a loop. 

IMG 1492

STEP 2 : Take the end of your smaller in diameter line and feed it up through the loop. Make sure you are going underneath the loop so that the end of the line comes out sitting on top.

IMG 1493

STEP 3 : Take the end of the smaller line and wrap it in behind the loop. 

IMG 1494

STEP 4 : Once you have fully wrapped around the back of your loop, take the end of your line and tuck it underneath the same smaller line. Make sure that the end of the line is laying on top. Now grab the larger line in one hand and the smaller line in the other. Pull on the small line while holding the larger line and you will have a Sheet Bend!

IMG 1495

BONUS! – Slip Sheet Bend

You may use the Slip Sheet Bend when you need to get the knot untied in a hurry. 

STEP 5 : Go back to Step: 4, this time with the smaller line create a loop in the end. 

IMG 1497

STEP 6 : Now tuck that small loop underneath your smaller line just like above. To snug up the knot, pull on the longer side of the small line. In a hurry you can pull on the little tail of rope you have created and the knot will come undone in no time!

IMG 1498 1