Please see here for information on the 2018 Jilàsi for Youth Regatta

JilasiIn a 2006 survey, Jilàsi was described as

“an exceptional vessel that has been completely rebuilt from the keel up, with all of the best materials used throughout. In our opinion, this vessel is in better condition than when it was new and shows a pride of ownership, together with a high caliber of workmanship by the various contractors used to carry out the restoration.

Jilàsi is an Offshore 40 built in 1966, a sailboat that looks as good as new.

Ben Stavis, who set up a network of owners of Rhodes Reliant and Offshore 40s built between 1963 and 1976, contacted us on behalf Graham Turrall, the owner of this magnificent Offshore 40 for a replacement owner’s plaque. He wrote:

“About 3 years ago Graham Turrall purchased a dilapidated Offshore 40. Over the years, the boat has been restored professionally and is now just magnificent, every bit as beautiful as the day she was launched, if not even better. I visited Graham and his boat in Toronto on October 29, and was deeply impressed (and a little jealous) of the quality of the restoration…..”

The above commentary regarding Jilàsi is from the website of Cheoy Lee Shipyards.


The name “Jilàsi”

Renaming a yacht is sometimes fraught with difficulties of letting go of the past and moving forward to the present. Marlys and I struggled with the name until Wilson Yates, a Newfoundland rigger, was introduced to us by the project manager. Wilson was one of the individuals who was responsible for making the tethers for astronauts when they left the space station. He offered to meet with the Chiefs of the Mi’kmaq in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and Newfoundland. When he returned, he stated the name of the vessel would be Jilàsi. In Mi’kmaq, the name means “Welcome to an honoured guest”.


Please see here for information on the 2018 Jilàsi for Youth Regatta



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