With Gratitude to the Ontario Trillium Foundation!

It was a cold and wintry day, the 29th January 2019 when Broad Reach was informed that a grant application for a purchase of a vessel was approved. This was deeply appreciated news.
In 2016 we sailed with Orca as the single point of failure, and not in the best position to seek funding.

But we worked to make a change and credit will always be due to Jason Rodney, Christina Di Cecco, Scott Keith and Rick Dermont for stepping in as the interim Board to steer this ship on a new, rewarding course and a better journey.

In 2017 Blurrr, a Flying Tiger 10M was donated by by Andy and Cathy Rolph. This major gift facilitated program growth and asset utilization that was simply impossible in 2015-16. Blurrr and Orca sailed the2017 Summer Afloat and then the one in a life time call came through from Dr. Graham Turrall and Marlys Edwardh C. M. when our beloved Jilàsi joined the fleet.

Jilàsi became our leverage and brand in the sailing community adding a great deal of capacity and recognition. The program’s reach increased as did our need for more financial and volunteer resources and boats being what they are, some things will go wrong and reserves are needed.

Hence the grant application to the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the much welcomed approval. As it happened, with the assistance from Jeff Clarke we contacted Thomas Accardo minutes before Sottovento, a beautiful J105 was to be listed for sale.

And so it went: Kevin Humphreys, OTF Manager called with the great news on 29 January 2019 and 10 June Sottovento, a J105 sailboat, has sailed its first SailPast. Sottovento was the belle of an appreciation event at the National Yacht Club in Toronto and graced by the company of Commodore Silvio Conte.

This event was held on a beautiful June day, in the company of hundreds of National Yacht Club members and much appreciation was shared all around.

So, thank you Ontario Trillium Foundation. You have put some good wind in our sails! Sottovento will sail for many years engaging disadvantaged youth in the sport, science and experience of sailing developing knowledge, skills and social belonging.

Fair winds!

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