Terms & Privacy Policy

Ships2Shores  has provided this website for informational and educational purposes.

Ships2Shores  respects your privacy. We will not collect any personal information about you, such as your name, phone number, or email address, unless you supply it voluntarily to us. We maintain logs of traffic to our site, including the Internet Protocol (IP) address of visitors. However, we do not try to link those addresses to identify who is visiting our site.


If you contact us directly, through email, or through our website contact form, your personal information will be kept private, following reasonable precautions. There are times we may ask folks directly, if they are comfortable providing their testimonies for our annual reports, or similar documents, though we will never publish anyone’s name or personal information unless it is explicitly agreed upon by both parties. We may use anonymous statements or statistics, in terms of the sorts of people who reach out to use for support or who request for information, either for educational purposes or to further advance our mission.


We comply with federal and provincial privacy legislation and it is part of our work to take your privacy seriously.


Where our website links to other sites, we are not responsible for the content of those sites. While we always try to link only to reputable sites, we encourage you to be careful with each site you visit and examine the privacy policies of other websites.


If you have any questions about this policy, contact



We may choose to record activities such as panel discussions, webinars, workshops and other related programs. This might consist of: (1) pre-recorded content (created by instructors or guest speakers) that can be viewed at any time; (2) pre-recorded learning content (created by project participants) including oral presentations, group discussions, or testimonials; and (3) recordings that occur while participants take part in live-streamed activities.

With the exemption of pre-recorded learning content created by instructors or presenters, the above activities may put participants in a position of having their information recorded in a number of ways, either through their direct participation (e.g. video, audio, chat) or through indirect means (i.e. online identifier, such as name or telephone number.) These conditions raise privacy concerns that should be taken into account. Before engaging in any such activity, we have considered the following:


Notice of recording will be prominently displayed on all program registration forms. Additionally, a notice of recording will also be given at the beginning of every activity that is expected to be recorded.


Participants who do not wish to be recorded, those in significantly different time zones, those who do not have the technological means to participate, or those who would be disadvantaged in any way by video/audio recording, will be offered an alternative method of participation.

Recordings will not be stored long term on presenters or instructors personal devices, even if the device is encrypted or password protected. Overtime, recordings that are stored on personal devices may be forgotten which then can pose a risk for inadvertent access or disclosure of personal information.

Program recordings will be kept in accordance with Broad Reach records classification and retention schedules, then securely disposed of when they are no longer needed.


Recording is not without limitation and risk which may include: (1) limitation to ensuring privacy security of information despite reasonable efforts; (2) unauthorized copying and disclosure, disclosure as required by law; and (3) introduction of malware into computer system, which could potentially damage or disrupt computer, networks and security settings. We are not responsible for connectivity/ technical difficulties or loss of data that is associated with the student’s hardware, software or internet connection.