Program 2016

Calling! Youth with a drive for a rare sailing experience and yearning for everlasting skills and leadership.

Broad Reach will be launching our afloat daily program as soon as the school is out.  If you belong to a community group or are associated with youth agency contact us here http://[email protected] and ask for registration forms. Please remember:

  • we are committed to keep you safe
  • you are expected to abide by Broad Reach Code of Conduct
  • we prefer that your booking is not shorter than 3-days
  • we will consider 1-day recreational program if necessary
  • you will be punctual, engaged, active and determined to learn and apply knowledge
  • there will be fun

We have already booked Youth Assisting Youth and others are knocking on the door so hurry up and reserve your time – the summer is not very long!



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