Short Films

Exploring the beauty and wonder of Canada and tall ship sailing

The Ships2Shores Film Project will use film to nurture life values and confidence through exploring the beauty and wonder of Canada and tall ship sailing. Our goal is to inspire youth to engage with the tall ships experience through the various projects offered by Ships2Shores. We believe this project will raise awareness about the impact sail training has on youth, and in turn increase the number of youth who want to participate in sail training in the future.

Our films range from 1 minute to 15 minutes depending on the topic. Shorter films will convey succinct, well-crafted messages related to tall ships sail training in Canada. Our longer films will be in the style of documentaries and will give insight into what ship life is really like. As the great Mark Twain said “Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” This mentality is applicable to sailing, as much as it is to how we choose to live our lives. All in all, sail training has the ability to nurture life values and increase individuals’ confidence. Ultimately, this is what Ships2Shores’ wants our films to convey.

Since Covid has hindered our ability to collect footage, we’re asking all you amateur and professional videographers or photographers to send us your footage to help us put together these videos!

Violet Cai speaks of her experiences at the 2022 Sail Training International Youth Conference.

In 2021, The Prince George Tapestry Singers partnered with Broadreach Canada and Kym Gouchie to create a unique, one-time musical piece. We are thrilled to present this collaboration: 

Here is: “I Am a Salmon.”

In 2021, The Prince George Tapestry Singers partnered with Broadreach Canada (Ships2Shores) and Kym Gouchie in a Cultural Song-Writing and artistic Collaboration.

We’re very excited to share how Ships2Shores has impacted Violet especially her takeaways and the connections she has made to the marine industry being a part of the project!


Cayla is teaching you how to tie the Reef Knot!

Cayla vous montre le noeud plat!

No sailing experience is complete without a deep awareness of our role in conserving and protecting our oceans, rivers, and lakes. Alexandra Aguilar del Valle is taking you through the initiatives that make sailing a contributor to achieving sustainable development. If you’re a sailor, sailing alumni, or a student in marine or environmental studies, this is an excellent opportunity to think critically about the innovative ways that we can care for our marine environment!

Antoine Perreault vous parle de son expérience musicale à bord du voilier Écomaris! Antoine Perreault presents his musical adventure onboard tall ship Écomaris!

Discover the Live Shows Onboard Project! DĂ©couvrez le projet Les Concerts Ă  bord

Ships2Shores is inviting young people to learn about and explore coastlines and waterways across Canada. Ships2Shores is a youth-led initiative providing opportunities for young people both on ships in summer 2021, on shores and online to share knowledge and experiences of sailing, coastal communities and their people, and environmentally significant areas, marine economy, history and heritage and civic engagement and youth service.