The Government of Canada built an outpost here in 1924 to help prevent foreigners from coming in, killing whales, and then taking them back to their own countries. After this, the outpost was leased a couple times and in the 1940s was opened again to have a patrol presence but closed again because of the ice. This land used to be part of the Northwest Territories, but in 1999 the Canadian government split the land so the Inuit could govern. It is now a ghost town and no one has lived here since 1951, but there are still 6 buildings which are in fairly good condition. Here is also one of the most northerly cemeteries in the world, where 4 people are buried; Cst Victor Maisonneuve (committed suicide in 1926), Cst William Stephens (accidently shot himself while whale hunting), a baby (from one of the constable daughters), and a Scottish Whaler.