Volunteering with Broad Reach 2016

Happy Spring and welcome to the 2016 sailing season!
This message is for those of you who have indicated interest in volunteering with Broad Reach Foundation. We are reaching out to you now, at the beginning of the season, to tell you about our upcoming activities in hope that you will lend your support.
We are having a volunteer crew bank meeting next week at the National Yacht Club, located at 1 Stadium Rd., Toronto. The date and time of the meeting is Thursday May 5th @ 6:00 pm. You will have the opportunity to meet our amazing Chief Program Instructor Mr. Bill Turner who will share details of this year’s plan with you.
If you are interested in attending, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can plan for the right amount of refreshments (refreshments are essential, are they not?).
[email protected]
Also, please let us know if you are unable to attend this meeting but are still interested in volunteering: inform of your availability and the activities you’re interested in participating. All responses are welcome at [email protected] .
We invite you take a look at our website www.sailbroadreach.ca and Facebook page where we share our news and events.
You might like to know that we are in the beginning stages of an exciting collaboration with several other Toronto-based youth sailing partners.
Broad Reach thanks you for your past support and looks forward to your continued support of our work.
Best regards to all and fair winds from the Broad Reach Team!

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