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Come Sail with Us this Summer

📣 Our Mission: To engage under-represented youth in sailing to develop knowledge, skills and social belonging.

Contribute your good spirits, good humour, good will to a Great Cause!

Commit your support for the under represented youth who have gained so much from the sail programs that Broad Reach offers free of charge to all participants.

Continue to recognize that all the youth who experience Broad Reach need our support – and, more than that, deserve it. For another 25 years!  

Inspiring Youth Through Sailing Since 1998

Canada’s youth face a host of grim obstacles. None more-so than potentially vulnerable young people like newcomers, kids from disadvantaged families, and oppressed minorities.

The marine employment sector and sailing community have traditionally been inaccessible to youth of low socio-economic status. Broad Reach Canada is committed to fostering greater equity and inclusion within these communities, and positively influencing the personal growth of youth from various backgrounds.

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Spark Confidence

Use the transformative power of sail to spark confidence in the next generation of leaders — across Canada and from vulnerable and at-risk backgrounds.


Workforce Development

Equip kids with the skills and knowledge to get good jobs.

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Getting Along

Being a crew-member aboard a sailing ship is the ultimate training to become a collaborative team player

Message In a Bottle

Boats are Cool

Seriously. They've got these huge sails and they go fast when the wind blows. This speaks to kids.

Make a Change.

Featured Programs

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Ships 2 Shores

A youth-led discovery of Canadian waters and the ships that sail them.

Share your views and experiences with thousands of youth across the country and act on our collective responsibility to our oceans, lakes and rivers. Participate in arts projects, social media challenges and online events.

Summer A-Float

Each of our sailboats offers a different level of operational complexities providing youth with continuity of challenges to learn, to apply new knowledge and skills, and to embrace unique opportunities for development.

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Winter A-Shore

Classroom based activities that include S.T.E.A.M. related subjects: sailing and navigational theory workshops; understanding of all aspects of vessel maintenance; study & examination for the Pleasure Craft Operators Card with professional certification, following the successful completion of the examination; exploration of marine art and history; the design, construction, and sailing of a cardboard sailboat in the school’s swimming pool: the first one to stay afloat and reach the end of the swimming pool wins!
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How We're Making a Difference


A commitment to anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion

We promote a world without systemic structures that create fear, are unjust, and uphold racial oppression. We commit to examining real ways that we can help to dismantle systemic racism in our society. We also commit to be transparent in this process; to listen, learn, and move forward together in shared understanding.