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broad reach programs overview
Crewmember on the bowsprit of a tall ship looking at the shore

Ships 2 Shores

A youth-led discovery of Canadian waters and the ships that sail them.

Share your views and experiences with thousands of youth across the country and act on our collective responsibility to our oceans, lakes and rivers. Participate in arts projects, social media challenges and online events.

Summer A-Float

Each of our sailboats offers a different level of operational complexities providing youth with continuity of challenges to learn, to apply new knowledge and skills, and to embrace unique opportunities for development.

WinterAshore 1

Winter A-Shore

Classroom based activities that include S.T.E.A.M. related subjects: sailing and navigational theory workshops; understanding of all aspects of vessel maintenance; study & examination for the Pleasure Craft Operators Card with professional certification, following the successful completion of the examination; exploration of marine art and history; the design, construction, and sailing of a cardboard sailboat in the school’s swimming pool: the first one to stay afloat and reach the end of the swimming pool wins!

Come Back Tuesdays

This is for those youth who are more keen than others to learn, to sail and to reach for more opportunities. Come on back every Tuesday and be a keener!

Come Back Tuesdays

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This program incorporates a unique and valuable element: inter-generational participants whose goal is to develop stronger bonds while experiencing the challenges and benefits of sailing. Long-term impact is a beneficial social impact, transferable to home, school, workplace and to the community.

By sharing the experience the participants — youth, parents, grand-parents, guardians, uncles and aunts gain the understanding of our diversity and our complexities. This is a community builder program.

Project Coastline

Project Coastline was a youth engagement project to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary of the Confederation through the discovery of our marine heritage. It was comprised of exciting and engaging activities designed and delivered by youth.  Canadian youth ages 13-29 across Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia took charge to discover, foster and celebrate Canada’s marine heritage through nautical and creative leadership programming, including the building of a boat in Gaspesie, Quebec, a Canadian Girls STEAM Canoe nearby Lake Ontario, and running a social media and schools inter-provincial challenge campaign.

broad reach programs overview