Enabling youth to develop key skills through sailing, tall ship voyages and real-need community projects

PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT and connect communities

make an impact through leadership and teamwork

Embark on AdvenTure and explore waterways across canada

Enabling youth to develop key skills through sailing, tall ship voyages and real-need community projects

Since spring 2019, Ships2Shores has engaged 7,000+ young people to explore coastlines and waterways across Canada. Through sailing, tall ship voyages and real-need community projects, S2S provides youth with key skills that they will use at home, school and work throughout their lives.

Ships2Shores’ goal is to reduce barriers to sail training enabling youth to experience the many benefits associated with sailing experience such as pre-employment training, team work, resiliency, confidence and caring for oneself and each other.

Created for this very purpose, the S2S Sailing Access Fund  supports youth who would otherwise not be able to experience the adventure and wonder of sail training by covering some or all travel and program costs.

As the Ships2Shores initiative is youth-led, we invite young people to join our National Youth Leadership Team for a great opportunity to inspire peers and lead some of the project’s exciting and change-making activities.

Participation includes 120 hours of community service: 60 hours on the voyage planning and initiating the project, 50 hrs completing the project in the community and 10 hours reflecting, evaluating, summarizing, documenting.

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About the Participants

Coming from all across Canada, our young participants aged 12 to 30 come from diverse under-represented communities. Ships2Shores will create a network between youth of diverse belonging and traditions to share knowledge and cultures, contribute to the future directions of this land, work to advance community belonging, and develop a wide variety of skills, including entrepreneurship and leadership.

All members of the Leadership Team will enjoy terrific networking and skills development opportunities in project management, digital communications, facilitation and community outreach. Youth interested in joining the S2S National Youth Leadership Team please contact


Host Sail Training Organizations

Ships2Shores is funded in part by the Government of Canada under the Canada Service Corps

Des navires aux rivages est financé en partil par le gouvernement du Canada dans le cadre de Service jeunesse Canada