Contributions, Recognition, & Awards


Volunteer Service Awards

The Ontario Volunteer Service Awards are an appreciation of volunteers who have been providing committed and dedicated service to an organization for five or more consecutive years. The Awards are presented at ceremonies across Ontario from March to June. The recipients are given a stylized trillium service pin and a personalized certificate to acknowledge their years of service.

The Broad Reach Foundation is proud — and grateful! — to have nine volunteers who have been recognized by this Award —applause, please!

  • William Turner
  • Christine Brunton
  • Teresa Caro Ottens
  • Dolores Wurtz
  • Darcy Chadwick
  • Ron Rodney
  • Lauran Walker
  • Rick Dermont
  • Randall Withell

Volunteer of the Year

Since 1998, the progress of Broad Reach has been centered on our volunteers, whether they contribute in our Summer Afloat Programs, our Winter Ashore Programs, or the many administrative and fundraising activities which make those programs possible.

Each year there is one volunteer whose commitment, capability and compassion deserves a special round of applause, thumbs up, high fives, and a circle of smiles.

Mark Olearo – 2019 Volunteer of the Year

For the last 5 years, Mark has touched so many aspects of Broad Reach with his skills, his experience, his energy and enthusiasm, and the deep support and encouragement which he offers to the young people in our programs.

We have seen Mark sailing boats, painting boats, cleaning boats; we have seen him sharing his enthusiasm at our regattas, at the Toronto International Boat Show, at our Volunteer Appreciation Day, at the National Yacht Club – always ready to help, always ready to contribute, and always ready to share his good nature, his good humour, his time and his smile. Most of all, we have seen Mark always engaged with the young people in our programs, knowing their names, sharing their laughter, showing them the lines in a world that they had never experienced before – which is both a sailing boat, and which is also … Mark Olearo.

Not to be amiss, the following incredible volunteers are:

  • 2018 Doug McCallum
  • 2017 Robert Rayfield
  • 2016 Christine Brunton
  • 2015 Ron Rodney
  • 2014 William Turner

Philanthropist of the Year Award


Our work has been sustained through the generosity of a whole range of donors. These include the federal and provincial governments, the corporate sector, the sailing community, and individuals from all walks of life.

Each year there is an individual whose commitment, capability, and compassion results in a financial contribution that deserves a response that recognizes, not just the contribution of those substantial dollars, but the commitment of the spirit that has the strength to create, and donate.
Michael Mountford, Philanthropist of the Year

Michael Mountford has known the values of sailing for many, many years. His chosen vessel is a J-105, introduced in 1991 by J Boats as the ultimate one design club racer that would be easy to sail, inexpensive to maintain and most importantly require less crew than traditional big keelboats racing at the time. There are now over 680 boats worldwide with 20 boats on Lake Ontario, 16 of which are at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club where Michael sails that fleet.

In 2018, Michael engaged the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in supporting the Broad Reach Foundation through its annual J-105 Championship Regatta.

In 2019, Michael again engaged the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in supporting the Broad Reach Foundation through its annual J-105 Championship Regatta increasing

the donation by 78% over the previous year. This percentage increase is huge; the dollars increase is huge; and yes, the result for the disadvantaged youth who participate in Broad Reach is also huge! With gratitude we recognize

Michael Mountford as the 2019 and 2020 Philanthropist of the Year

Not to be amiss, the following are deemed worthy of our gratitude and recognition:

  • Samuel Paul Wilson
  • Kevin Mitchell
  • Doug Bullock
  • Elspeth Fanjoy
  • Adrian Johnson