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Notes from our voyages

Bridget Cai

Long Beach, Tofino

The oven, otherwise known as summer, roasted me to a near crisp. It was an especially hot one that day. Blazing sunlight showered around my

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Violet Cai

Microplastics in Our Waterways

Microplastics are currently a highly contentious environmental topic among Canadian environmentalists, who are in the midst of assessing potential risks associated with this most prevalent

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12 Yr Old + Lake Huron
Islay Pyron Williams

Islay Meets Lake Huron

But there is no howling: only loud, loud wind and waves and I chased those waves with my sister Arwen

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Joel Clay

Biological Immortality

Biological immortality. Have you heard of it? Don’t worry very few of us have, let’s explore this topic! Biological immortality is achieved when a species

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