Land & Water


Tuesday, November 10th


Tuesday, November 10th

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November 24th and December 8th are still available

An exploration of your musical minds, the water and your environment

How do we see music around us? Facilitated by Juno nominated artist Alysha Brilla, youth participating in these workshops will learn the basics of creating music and song using the environment around them. Learn about forming ideas for creating songs, writing lyrics, and rhyming and make a song together with your peers. Songs and videos from the workshops will be featured on the Ships2Shores website.


Sold Out


  • Alysha Brilla
    Alysha Brilla
    Singer/ Songwriter

    Alysha Brilla is a 3X Juno Award nominated artist and music producer. Raised in Brampton, Ontario,Brilla’s music, blogs and spirituality are inspired by growing up with parents from two different cultural and religious backgrounds. Brilla has performed internationally including across Australia, Singapore, Tanzania and Chile. In addition to live performances of music, Brilla has conducted arts education workshops in schools for the past ten years; promoting storytelling through music and mentoring in self-expression through the arts with a focus on developing skills in songwriting and music production. A special focus on encouraging and promoting the voices of youth and young women across the world for their valuable perspectives on environment and social awareness.